Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Samhain!!

'tis a new year :-)
Blessed Be!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Elf Circle Weapons Faire

There was a weapons faire held at ElvenMoor sandbox on Sunday. It was a good showcase for the weapons makers of Elf Circle and a chance for everyone to meet. I stood around with Ambrose and took over while he took his breaks. At one point things got a little boring and he started acting silly....put a box over me and acted like he didn't do it, haha.

goofing with Ambrose

showing off the swords that I've built in the past....
Someone (can't say who) unleashed an anvil dropper on myself and she started passing out helmets....haha.

Burning Life

This is the first year that I visited Burning Life. I guess I wasn't paying attention last year, don't really remember. I really enjoyed flying around looking at all the fabulous things.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


More fun with Borealis

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


the things that people give me


me: okay now who looks stupid?
Silmarwen: Oh shut up and let me take the picture.
me: pfffft. I can't talk to you when you look like that.
Silmarwen: I talked to you when you had that silly hair so you can talk to me like this, whatever this thing is. haha.
me: nope
Silmarwen: you're talking.
me: take the damned picture and get out of that thing.
Silmarwen: You love me.
me: Yes I do.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Astrid's Rez Day

It wasn't actually my rez day but that I was preoccupied with the other world on my actual rez day. So my friends threw me a belated rez day party last night.....and I danced the night away with my ex partner/best friend Ambrose. Sometimes it sucks having a partner that lives on the other side of the world but it's always nice to have good friends :-)

I logged in Saturday to a wonderful note and rez day gift from Balthier. What a wonderful surprise indeed!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Silmarwen: What have you done to your hair?
me: You don't like it?
Silmarwen: It looks disgusting.
me: Oh shut up.
Silmarwen: I can't talk to you with that hair.
me: You love me.
Silmarwen: Not with that hair I don't.
me: Oh sit on a tack. *kiss*

Scripting Adventures

This is way more fun than knitting.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Outhouse ;-)

"Hey can you shut the door?"

Aly and I were in the sandbox showing off our things when I pulled out this outhouse. We joked around about it for a while and then she jumped up on the seat and I snapped a picture, haha.

Me -- being obnoxious in Giverny

My friend Moundsa Mayo sent me to Giverny to look at things in the garden center. Once I got bored with that I took a walkabout and saw some wonderful things there. And if I hadn't forgotten to get the SLURL I would have posted it.........but I forgot. heh. I forget a lot of things.

Trying to sit on a bunny sculpture. Just because it was there.
And I was being an obnoxious American tourist.

I stumbled apon this replica of a village with flying hearts.
I am not in the mood for flying hearts right now, even these
as pretty as they were.

I tried to stomp around the village like Godzilla. But I don't have a
Godzilla I sat on one of the houses.
(see picture above)

Anyway, I figured that sooner or later someone in charge would orbit me,
so I left. So much for playing the obnoxious American tourist in SL.
Visit the garden center there, it's sooo beautiful. And don't be obnoxious.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Haunted House (travels with Borealis)

"Okay you girls go in first so I can protect you"

"Get up, Lazybones!"
"I can't. I have 20 knives through my neck, haha"

"Tickle him!"

"Would you like a drink?"
Borealis is about to be sawed in half and Abby wants to play waitress?

"Okay how are we supposed to read these books?"
"Run around the room, of course."

Heh. Couldn't find my way out so I cameraed through the wall
and stat on a pumpkin.

Bored? Bash a zombie

Friday, October 9, 2009

Blood Manor

Oh how I love Second Life in October. Haunted houses and mansions pop up everywhere during this time. I was bored tonight. Yes, how can anyone be bored in SL, but I was. So I called Borealis and he sent me a lm to this fun place. Of course I was killed in the first room, but hey, what else do I have to do tonight? Aside from eating cereal in front of the computer, haha.
Aside from the haunted mansion there is the obligatory haunted graveyard and underground tunnels complete with zombies to kill. Whoot!

Monday, October 5, 2009

talking with Borealis..........

[11:05] Borealis Hammerer: crashed[11:06] Astrid Zhangsun: I'm running to the store[11:06] Astrid Zhangsun: *hugs*[11:06] Astrid Zhangsun: thanks, I love this place[11:06] Borealis Hammerer: what are you gonna get me?[11:07] Astrid Zhangsun: a candy bar[11:07] Astrid Zhangsun: and some beer[11:07] Borealis Hammerer: I need underwear[11:07] Astrid Zhangsun: boxers or briefs?[11:07] Borealis Hammerer: briefs[11:07] Astrid Zhangsun: bikini or regular?[11:07] Borealis Hammerer: regular[11:07] Astrid Zhangsun: color?[11:07] Borealis Hammerer: white[11:07] Astrid Zhangsun: I'm on it[11:08] Borealis Hammerer: I'll color them myself[11:08] Astrid Zhangsun chuckles[11:08] Astrid Zhangsun: oh geez[11:08] Borealis Hammerer: lol[11:08] Astrid Zhangsun: *hugs*[11:08] Borealis Hammerer: hugs back[11:08] Astrid Zhangsun: see you later[11:08] Borealis Hammerer: drive safely[11:08] Borealis Hammerer: k


Stardust Oasis

Adventures with Borealis Hammerer

[10:50] Borealis Hammerer: do you see me?[10:51] Borealis Hammerer: I clicked on a pose ball called "spirit"[10:51] Borealis Hammerer: flying[10:52] Astrid Zhangsun: trying to find you[10:52] Astrid Zhangsun: lol I think you just went by

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Prim

soror Nishi believes that the prim, that basic building tool in Second Life, is akin to Prima Materia (primal matter), a term used by alchemists to describe the seed of life. What could be more deserving of a temple, worship, and even a religion than the crown of virtual creation... the plywood prim? To that end, she has created a temple and forest to that divine source of life, death: The Temple of the Prim!
Tks to Mab MacMoragh for sponsoring this lovely thing.